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KGE Hybrid Academy

KGE Hybrid Academy

SKU: 366615376135191

The “HYBRID ACADEMY” oboe is a student model oboe with a synthetic top joint to avoid potential splitting and grenadilla wood for the middle joint and bell.

The Conservatoire system of keywork includes:

semi-automatic octave keys,

3rd octave key,

C - D trill keys (x2),

C - C# trill key,

Ab - Bb trill mechanism,

Ab - A trill mechanism, fork F vent key,

left hand F key,

low C - C# trill mechanism,

articulated C# mechanism,

low Bb vent

under-cut tone holes for superior tone quality.


    Full conservatory system oboe with 3rd octave and left F. Synthetic top joint and grenadilla middle joint and bell for enhanced resonance. Silver plated keywork at 40 microns thick. Comes with case, reed case and pull through


    One year factory warranty guaranteed


    Ship to New Zealand and Australia

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    Pay in New Zealand dollars or Australian dollars

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